Eton College - Cradle Of Elites

2020-05-22 21:57:11

Eton College has a very low-key introduction by itself, It is said by General Wellington after he defeated napoleon at Waterloo: " the victory of Waterloo, is the victory of Eton playground." As one of the most famous school in the world, Eton College was founded by King Henry VI in the 15th century.

Eton College located in Windsor town, 20 miles from London place, it is near the Thames river and faced the Windsor house. It is the most famous noble college in Britain. The Duke of Wellington, the writers Shelley and George Orwell, Prince William and Prince Harry were all educated in Eton College in the UK.

In development of 500 years, Eaton person is regarded as to have 10 kinds of classic character independent, personality, friendship, loyalty, dignity, brave, tradition, gentleman, humor and mission sense. Eaton college has a typical British gentleman education, their teaching system is is rigorous and norms.
Walking in the campus, the students dressed in black tuxedo looks like we immersed in the Victorian era. If you stay at the Mayfair hotels, you can learn all about his and more!

In Academic courtyard , 오바마카지노이벤트 there are many celebrity statues graduate from here. To the south of the courtyard it has a gothic church, in addition there is a old student canteen which has built in 1450. In recent years, eton college has more cultural exchange chances with other countries, and gives more study opportunity to the overseas student

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I'm a 39 years old and working at the college (Art).

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